UTAU and Vocaloid files

Read before Downloading

  1. Credit Hiru-kun, though this is not extremely necessary.
  2. Don't claim the files as yours.
  3. You can convert my VSQ to UST ( or vice versa ), and redistribute it, as long as you ask me. But you CAN'T redistribute an edited version of the UST or VSQ I made.
  4. Edit the files as much as you want is fine.
  5. You need to credit the original producer of the song, and the person who made the off-vocal.
  6. Some files aren't completely made by me ( Because I use midis ) but some of them are.
  7. Some files include the off-vocal, BUT, I'm no longer inserting them in the folders.
  8. The files are in order of oldest to newest


  • Maruku Naru [YT] [VSQ] - Kisenon-P
  • Take on Me [YT] [VSQ] - A-ha
  • Heaven [YT] [VSQ] - Bryan Adams
  • Lacrimosa [YT] [VSQ] - Kalafina
  • ...Baby one more time [YT] [YT²] [VSQx] - Britney Spears
  • Bop to the Top [YT] [VSQx] - High School Musical
  • Genie in a bottle [YT] [VSQx] - Christina Aguilera
  • Accordion in the Golden Sunset [YT] [YT²] [VSQx] - ■P
  • Rasputin [YT] [VSQx] - Boney M
  • Set Fire to the Rain [YT] [VSQx] - Adele
  • Roda Viva [YT] [VSQx] - Chico Buarque
  • Cantarella ENG/JPN [YT] [VSQx] - Kurousa-P
  • Castle on a Cloud [YT] [VSQx- Les Misérables
  • Isso é Calypso! [YT] [VSQx] - Banda Calypso
  • Who's that Chick? [YT] [VSQx] - Rihanna
  • Loyalty [YT] [VSQx] - Tchaikovsky ( Melody ) / SirHammet ( Loyalty - Lyrics )
  • Crescent Moon [YT] [VSQx] - Kurousa-P
  • Space Outlaw [YT] [VSQx] - From "Bee and Puppycat"
  • Yesterday [YT] [YT²] [VSQx] - The Beatles
  • Old Doll [YT] [VSQx] - From the game "IB" and the game "Mad Father" ( Carrie Careless - Old Doll (both have the same melody) / Aquaspirit77 (Old Doll - Lyrics)
  • Risky Game [YT] [YT²] [VSQx] - Kurousa-P
  • Acute ENG/JPN [YT] [VSQx] - Kurousa-P
  • Born to Die [YT] [VSQx] - Lana Del Rey
  • West Coast [YT] [VSQx] - Lana Del Rey
  • Alien [YT] [VSQx] - Britney Spears
  • Funky Town [YT] [VSQx] - Lipps Inc.
  • A Test Song (Semi-Original Song) [YT] [MIDI (not vocaloid)] - Hiru-kun

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