About Me

I'm on Vocaloid fandom since 2010, and on UTAU fandom since 2011. I've discovered Vocaloid on a documentary on a TV channel here on Brazil (This one) when I saw a hologram singing and dancing. Initially, I thought that was ridiculous, but some time later, a friend of mine showed me a video of nico singers singing "Magnet" and I loved that song. I searched for the original version, and, then, I became addicted, and here I am today.
I've discovered UTAU a little bit later, on the end of 2010, I saw a video (Triple Baka) with this little funny girl with drills on the head, she was a little bit strange, but I decided to search more about her and then discovered she was one UTAU, a different, and free synthesizer, in which you could make your own UTAU. On March of the next year, I would start making my first UTAUloid, Hirune Migurushii ( from who I took my nickname for almost everything )

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